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Why SleepJet

Our goal is to provide quality mattresses at affordable pricing, all the while making your purchase easy and convenient. There may be many mattresses available in the market that might be much cheaper or expensive than our mattresses, however, we believe that when it comes to sleep, one should invest in quality sleep – a cheaper mattress might cause you backpains and sleepless nights and an expensive mattress might just provide you the sleep as our mattress will – but with affordable price.

I found a renowned brand for the same or slightly higher price.

At SleepJet, we believe in investing in the quality of mattress rather than fancy packaging or brilliant box designs. This helps us keep our costs low, allowing us to pass this cost benefits to the customer.


Our mattresses are proudly made in Canada.


We use minimal packaging. This aligns with our goal of becoming environmental friendly and also saves unnecessary costs associated with packing – meaning more savings for customers.

Crystal Recovery Technology

Our mattress is ready to use in less than 2 minutes after taking it out of packaging. Our Crystal Recovery Technology allows the mattress to achieve 85% of its form minutes from unpacking. However, achieving complete shape might take up to 24 hrs. Our mattresses are designed to bend perfectly to adjust to bed frames with our edge guards providing side support for an excellent fit.

Pressure Relief Technology

We use high density BioFoam in our mattresses that lasts longer and helps release body pressure. It reduces body soreness while providing great sleeping experience. We use foam that is free of VOC and formaldehyde and comprises of Eco-Friendly materials.

Cooling Gel

SleepJet uses high quality cooling gel layer in its mattresses which helps regulate body temperature – it dissipates body heat and provides you with a cool and comfortable sleep.


We provide 10” thick quality memory foam mattresses with multiple layers thoughtfully designed to support your posture and help your body relax in a great and tranquil way!


We offer complimentary shipping to most of the areas within Ontario, however in order to check if your postal code qualifies for free shipping, kindly contact us at or simply give us a call.

10 Years Warranty


We use environment friendly foam in our mattresses, all the while thinking about our planet!